I teach ambitious professionals how to prioritize their mindset, health, and relationships –without sacrificing the quality of their work.


“Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us and blow our minds. It’s not often that I come away from a training feeling so powerful. You helped me more than you know. You’re incredible." - Madison

Are you a high performer, or just a high achiever?

As ambitious professionals, we all want to find a way to prioritize our families and health – without sacrificing the quality of our work.

So we try productivity hacks that “free up” our time... which we proceed to fill with more work. We essentially just get more efficient at burning ourselves out!

Or we plan vacations that only provide temporary connection and stress relief. But let’s be honest, we’re going to work overtime before and after the vacation to “make up for it” – so is it really that helpful and relaxing?

Clearly, this isn’t sustainable: it ends in either burnout or the destruction of our personal lives.

If you’re crushing it at work but burning out at home, you’re not actually a high performer. You’re just a high achiever at work. But there’s good news: Your work doesn’t need to be collateral damage for a healthy personal life – or vice versa.

What if instead, we could apply the same high-achieving attitudes, habits, and principles that make us so successful at work to our personal lives? Then we would live in a way that’s congruent with our values – more energized at work, and fully present at home.

In my programs, I’ll teach you or your team how to become true peak performers: successful and fulfilled at both work and home, without sacrificing either for the other.


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"Julie's coaching has helped me with practical tools to improve not only how I feel, but how effective I can be in business. I can keep myself more continually in a high-performing state now. I can't recommend her training and mentorship higher – Julie is the real deal."
–Cassie Shea, Fractional CRO

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Apply the same high-achieving attitudes that make you so successful at work to your personal life. Don't bring less of yourself to work––bring more of yourself to home.