A Few Good Habits:
How to Cultivate a Sustainable Culture of High Performance

Available as a keynote, training session, or executive coaching program.

By the end of this presentation, your attendees will be able to:

  • Define high performance and how it is different than high achievement;
  • Implement neuroscience-backed techniques to manage stress––reducing burnout and improving overall work performance;
  • Discover how their high-achieving attitudes can be effectively applied to improve their personal lives.
  • Walk away not only inspired but ready to take action.

Boost Your Company's Performance
and Team Well-Being 

As conscious leaders, we want our team members to live healthily and maintain work-life balance without sacrificing the quality of their work. Yet typical methods, like wellness programs and flexible hours, often fall short due to low participation rates and blurred lines between work and home.

This raises the question - how can we truly promote both balance and peak performance?

The answer – by not asking high achievers to bring less of themselves to work, but more of themselves to home.

What if our team members could apply their high-achieving attitudes to their personal lives, aligning their lifestyles with the same values they bring to work? That’s what peak performance consultant Julie Lowe teaches in her keynotes, workshops, and consulting programs.

Julie Lowe is an Author, Speaker, and Certified High Performance Coach. Using neuroscience-backed practices, she teaches ambitious professionals how to prioritize their mindset, health, and relationships without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Julie's expertise has been featured on Good Morning Washington, Huffington Post, and Yahoo! Life. Her first book, A Few Good Habits, debuts in October 2023.

In this program, your team will learn how to become true high performers: successful and fulfilled at both work and home, without sacrificing either for the other.


Inclusions When You Book Julie:

  • Pre-event 60-second Custom Marketing Video to spark buzz with attendees
  • Pre-event guided discovery call to leave no stones unturned for keynote development
  • A customized keynote that creates an unforgettable experience and nails your theme
  • On-stage survey results delivered to your team post-event
  • FREE Workbook for attendees
  • FREE Customized Habit Quiz access for attendees

“Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us and blow our minds. It’s not often that I come away from a training feeling so powerful. You helped me more than you know. You’re incredible." - Madison

In my programs, I’ll teach you or your team how to become true peak performers: successful and fulfilled at both work and home, without sacrificing either for the other.

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Streamline Decision-Making, Elevate Strategy, and Unify Teams with Results-Focused Workshops

Workshops help get people aligned and collaborating, making decisions and moving forward better than a regular meeting can.

Transform Your Team with High-Impact Workshops

When your team is stuck in a loop of endless meetings and confusing emails, it's time to consider a more efficient approach. Enter workshops: the catalyst for effective decision-making, streamlined strategy, and unified teams. Workshops are not just another time block in your calendar; they are focused, facilitated sessions that translate your team's challenges into actionable plans.

Who Can Benefit from Workshops?

Whether you're a start-up navigating initial challenges, a corporate team grappling with big-picture strategy, or a project group uncertain about next steps, workshops are your tool for tangible progress. These sessions are designed to get teams from all industries and sizes aligned and moving forward, making them an excellent solution for those who feel stuck, disoriented, or unproductive.

Why Choose a Workshop?

1. Clarity Over Confusion: Say goodbye to vague objectives and conflicting priorities. Workshops give you a crystal-clear roadmap, so you know exactly what to focus on.

2. Elevated Strategy: Instead of just firefighting, elevate your team's focus to more strategic issues that define success in the long run.

3. Unified Teams: When everyone's on the same page, not only does collaboration become a breeze, but the quality of work also significantly improves.

4. Time-Efficiency: Forget drawn-out email chains and meetings that lead nowhere. Workshops are designed to get to the core of issues quickly, saving you valuable time.

5. Actionable Outcomes: You walk away from each workshop not just with ideas, but with a concrete action plan that's ready to be executed.

Ready to transform your team dynamics? Take the first step toward clarity, strategy, and unity today and book a call to explore a workshop for your team.


Certified High Performance Coaching | Executive Coaching

I'm a Certified High Performance Coach & NeuroCoach. Put simply, that means I help people work smarter by using coaching practices rooted in neuroscience to improve thinking, focus, decision-making, and productivity, so they can get more done––without collateral damage to their relationships or well-being.

Become a high performer in and out of work so you can enjoy your life, without sacrificing your career.

That spark inside you, that hunger for more––more success, more confidence, more joy and fulfillment? It's an amazing thing to have, and it's exactly why Certified High Performance Coaching can be a transformative experience. It's all about igniting that spark, nurturing it, and channeling it into a thriving career AND life.

As your coach, I'm here to guide you in creating a high-performance life. We'll work together to elevate your performance both personally and professionally. I offer you a blend of strategies, support, and structure that will equip you to handle any high-pressure environment and rise to the top.

When you learn how to apply the high-achieving habits, attitudes, and principles that make you amazing at work to your personal life you become more congruent.

It's not about running on the hamster wheel faster – it's about stepping off the wheel and finding a better path.

High Performance Coaching isn't just about professional success, it's also a journey toward personal growth. I'll help you enhance your self-awareness, boost your confidence, and discover your hidden strengths. This journey will not only enrich your performance but also contribute to your overall satisfaction and well-being.

Certified High Performance Coaching isn't just a service – it's a commitment to embracing change, growth, and extraordinary success in every area of your life.

Let's redefine success on your terms.

"Working with Julie helped me analyze where my energy was being leaked. Together we worked on a time management plan and she got me back on track with a few good habits. If you're looking for a heart-centered high-performance coach reach out to Julie!" - Tiffany L.

I teach ambitious professionals how to prioritize their mindset, health, and relationships without sacrificing the quality of their work.