Testimonials for Julie Lowe

Jennifer Goddard, CEO, Integrity Market Solutions

“Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us and blow our minds. It’s not often that I come away from a training feeling so powerful. You helped me more than you know. You’re incredible."

- Madison, Workshop Attendee

"As an entrepreneur, one of the trickiest things for me to manage is my stress and emotional swings. Julie's coaching has really helped me with practical tools to improve not only how I feel, but how effective I can be in business. Before, I would get upset at the normal swings of entrepreneurship life and it was easy for me to lose focus. By learning about nervous system regulation, I can keep myself more continually in a high-performing state. I can't recommend her training and mentorship higher – Julie is the real deal.

- Cassie S.

"Julie's message about feeling overwhelmed as a high-achiever drew me in — this was a perfectly-timed example of the coach arriving when they are most needed. Finally, I was aware and ready to make changes in my life. Julie "gets it." In our first coaching session, she guided me through a process that gave me clues about a recent core motivation in my business that needed attention. Her focus on nervous system regulation and small steps are spot on when it comes to anxiety and overwhelm — for me; it's THE key to my best self."

- Sandra E.

"Julie provided a framework for reducing stress that was simple, effective, and easy to implement without making major life changes. As a behavioral analyst by trade, I found her evidence-based approach scientifically sound, and as engaging as it was helpful."

- Zak, Workshop Attendee

"Coming out of maternity leave and reestablishing my business, I was having a hard time putting everything I needed to accomplish into focus. As a visionary and ENFP my big ideas and visions can have me running in about 1000 directions and ultimately leave me feeling like I couldn't get everything done.
Working with Julie helped me analyze where my energy was being leaked. Together we worked on a time management plan and she got me back on track with a few good habits. If you're looking for a heart-centered high-performance coach reach out to Julie!"

- Tiffany L.

"Working with Julie has been a true pleasure and so eye-opening! I had a problem that had been in my way for more than six weeks, and I couldn't find a way past it. Julie gently walked me through an exercise that helped me flip the problem on its head! I remember sitting there in awe at the dots I was suddenly able to connect for myself because of that flip. She provided a new context by reframing the problem for me in a way I never knew was possible. It was so empowering! I'm still in awe of how powerful and useful these skills are! I'm so grateful I invested my time in working with Julie. I highly recommend her coaching!"

- Linda K.

"Julie's knowledge of neuroscience coaching is remarkable. She helped me understand what was happening in my brain during various emotional states. This understanding was invaluable, as it allowed me to recognize my emotions and reactions, giving me the power to address challenges head-on.

She provided me with practical ideas and tools to make immediate improvements in my life. With her help, I have learned to navigate life's difficulties with newfound strength and resilience."

- Shannon A.

“My session with Julie renewed a fire in me, a belief in myself and reminded me of my why!
I can't thank Julie enough for her gentle space holding, for taking me deeper into my healing in one session than I have experienced before, for helping me heal generational and past emotions of fear, anger and deep sadness so I can finally show up fully again and lead the movement I know I am here to lead.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing, this is the work!"

- Chantelle A.

“Julie’s work did not disappoint! I had a specific barrier I was interested in tackling and Julie’s way of asking questions and soothing voice were able to get me to past experiences I needed to access. She supported me in my intense emotions, those of us doing this work know that is everything! I felt I was able to fully be myself. Since our session, I’ve used the information accessed to expand my self-understanding, aiding to my self-love work. Without hesitation, I recommend working with Julie if you have the opportunity.”

- Yolanda C.

"Julie is so calm, straightforward, and powerful! She helped me see my situation in a whole new light. Her presence is strong and she does an incredible job of gently holding space. I am so thankful for our session!"

- Cat M.

"Julie was amazing in holding space for me while I navigated through some really heavy topics. I came into the call with a deep limiting belief, and she helped me shift so beautifully."

- Imani

"Julie was so thoughtful throughout the session. I felt seen and held. She guided me from feeling stuck and helpless to having a clear set of steps to start moving toward my goal. I would recommend her to coach anyone through a similar issue."

- Whittney K.

"My session with Julie was amazing! I was really nervous to talk about some of my limiting beliefs but she held space for me and made me feel comfortable and safe. She met me where I was and gave me some great feedback and implementation practices."

-Arielle G.

"I loved working with Julie. I felt very comfortable talking to her - like she was an old friend. I was able to be brutally honest and even found myself laughing when sharing the difficult truths I believed. Julie helped me lean into my next step toward growth. I feel it is possible for me to do what I desire, so I can claim my next version self now."

- Ashley S.

"This is all so amazing thank you so much! I love it!!! I did my three things after we ended our call and already feel so accomplished for the day and already completed two of the three things on my must-get-done list!"

- Lauren S.

"Thank you Julie for helping me get clear on my goals and guiding me to see how I can show up more powerfully and share my offer with the world with a deep understanding of the value that it brings. I am so excited to make my goal a reality and celebrate!"

- Ambar M.

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