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The Uncomplicated Path to Less Stress & More Success

A Woman's Day magazine Book Series Pick

A Few Good Habits is a straight-talking guide for high-achievers, offering practical insights and a dash of sass, aiming to simplify life, reduce stress, and enhance success.

Let’s be honest: Willpower and motivation can vanish like a magician’s rabbit, and in the crowded world of personal growth, we’re bombarded with lofty advice that’s hardly helpful. That’s where this book shines, serving up practical, grounded guidance that you can actually use.

A Few Good Habits debunks age-old myths around personal development while arming you with actionable advice that holds up in the real world.

High achievers don’t need to sacrifice the quality of their work in order to have a fulfilling personal life. All they need are a few good habits.

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#1 in Work-Life Balance in Business

#15 in Stress Management Self-Help

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"Illuminating, practical, and bursting with personality. A Few Good Habits fundamentally shifted how I evaluate my performance - as a professional and a person."
-Brian Miller, Author of Three New People and viral TEDx speaker